Tamoxifen is the drug which is used for the treatment of the breast cancer and the halts the development of the breast in the males. There are primary two functions that are performed by this drug:

  1. It helps the body builders who are taking steroids in halting the development of their chest into the breast.
  2. It helps the breast cancer patient in the treatment of the disease.
  3. It helps in improving fertility among women.

Let’s first understand how this functioning carried out by this oral pill.

Halting the development of chest due to steroids

Many steroids are taken by different bodybuilders who want to develop their muscles and make a hard and rock strong body. These muscles are developed due to the hormonal changes in the body and these changes lead to the production of estrogen in their body. Estrogen is responsible for the formation of breast, and its function the women and when this is hormone is developed inside male’s body it leads to the development of the breast. Breast is quite unusual in men’s body, and hence there is need for a drug that can halt its development.

This is done by Tamoxifen as this drug is responsible for blocking the formation of estrogen in the body. Once this hormone stops in the body, then there will be no development of chest in men’s body. One can buy Tamoxifen 10 mg at https://www.fertilitydrugsonline.com.

Treatment of Breast cancer

Breast cancer is quite common in females, and there are very rare chances that this disease might occur in males as well. Tamoxifen halts the production of estrogen in the body that act as the source of the growth of the different cancer causing cells.

-Formation of Brest cancer: Estrogen triggers the growth of breast cancer causing cells. The cells have some estrogen receptors that combine with the estrogen hormones and reproduce within the breast.

-Action Taken by Tamoxifen: This drug is known as selective estrogens receptor modulator that is SERM, which modulate the production of the estrogen in the body. It stops the production of this hormone in the body which eventually ends the production of cancer in the body.

In this way, the medication helps in getting rid of unwanted cancer cell and formation of the breast instead of the chest in the male’s body.


Improving Fertility among Women

This drug plays a vital role in improving the fertility of a woman during the chemotherapy sessions and when there is infertility due to any unforeseen event. It leads to the production of gonadotropins in the female’s body that triggers the formation of eggs in the body. These eggs can be taken out and preserved for reproduction via artificial technique.

Precautions taken in the use of Tamoxifen

Here we will be stressing out some of the precautions that must be taken while using this drug. One can take a look at the points stated below:


  • This can show number side effects for both men and women. So one must seek medical care in case of any side effect.
  • There are many scenarios when women can’t take this drug like:


  • When woman is carrying a baby. It can harm the baby.
  • When there is a history of uterine problems.
  • When there are problems like cataract and blood clots.
  • When she is a lactating mother. It can mix with the milk and may reduce the production of milk.


  • This drug should not be taken in the case of liver problems, heart problem, high cholesterol, etc.
  • In the case of any allergy from the drug then don’t take this drug at any cost as it can lead to severe damage.


No doubt Tamoxifen is one of the most important pills for a person having breast cancer. But certain possibilities may lead to the side effects of this drug. Hence it should be taken under complete medical care so that you will gain the profit but not a health problem. It can be bought offline from the drug store as well as online from online websites.